Student Support

A core value at Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School is that the school wants to provide the best possible means for meeting the needs of each individual student. Hence, the school’s policy for student support is not only aimed at students with special educational needs but aspires to embrace a variety of student challenges.

Student Counselling

Student counselling issues, which in the stx department falls under the responsibility of the “gymnasievejledere” (previously “studievejledere”), are in the IB Department attended to by the IB coordinator, Karin Mølgaard Skals.

She can be contacted by phone on +45 96 32 71 29 or by mail on
Student counselling in the IB Department takes three main forms:

  • Sessions for the entire year group mainly about study related issues like group work, homework and class cooperation, but also issues regarding the social life at school are addressed.
  • Individual, confidential talks with students and sometimes their parents about both study related issues like for instance grades, attendance, subject choice or subject levels and about personal issues not necessarily related to school.
  • Assistance in connection with university application abroad in close collaboration with “Studievalg”.
    Matters regarding SU are dealt with by SU secretary Bente Pinstrup at the front office. Bente can be contacted via Lectio or on +45 96 32 71 10z