Student Support

A core value at Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School is that the school wants to provide the best possible means for meeting the needs of each individual student. Hence, the school’s policy for student support is not only aimed at students with special educational needs but aspires to embrace a variety of student challenges.

Student Counselling

Student counselling issues, which in the stx department falls under the responsibility of the “gymnasievejledere” (previously “studievejledere”), are in the IB Department attended to by the IB coordinator, Karin Mølgaard Skals.

Student counselling in the IB Department may take some of these forms:

  • Sessions for the entire year group mainly about study related issues like group work, homework and class cooperation, but also issues regarding the social life at school are addressed.
  • Individual, confidential talks with students and sometimes their parents about both study related issues like for instance grades, attendance, subject choice or subject levels and about personal issues not necessarily related to school. The school has different possibilities to support the student in tackling different obstacles for learning, and these are mediated by the IB coordinator in close collaboration with teachers and students. You can read the full version of the school’s Access and Inclusion Policy here
  • Assistance in connection with university application abroad in close collaboration with “Studievalg”.

Matters regarding SU are dealt with by SU secretary Bente Pinstrup at the front office and issues of attendance are handled by the Deputy IB Coordinator Ivan Ioujakov.

Student Counsellors

Karin Mølgaard Skals

Head of IB Department, Uddannelsesleder


Bente Enevold Pinstrup

Adminstrativ medarbejder / SU-vejledning


Career Councelling

As an IB student in Denmark you receive guidance on further education and career choices from a Danish study counsellor from one of seven regional Studievalg guidance centers in Denmark.

School Psychologist

Students at Hasseris Gymnasium and IB World School have the possibility to have free consultations with the school’s psychologist about matters related to school. If you want to talk to the school psychologist, you must contact the IB coordinator, Karin Skals, for help to set up an appointment to evaluate if the school psychologist can help you or if you need help from other counsellors external to the school.

IT Facilities

IT support to students is offered by Morten & Thomas who can be found in the library area on orange landing (O14). Opening hours are Mondays to Friday 7.30 to 14.30

The school general IT maintenance is conducted by Thomsen Fogh Thomsen.

IT Support

Thomas Fogh Thomsen



Morten Ørbæk Kristensen

IT-teknikker/Systemadminstrator/IT Support



The Library at Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School is a library for both the students at the Danish as well as the International Department.

School Librarian

Lisbeth Jul Norre