Career Counselling

As an IB student in Denmark you receive guidance on further education and career choices from a Danish study counsellor from one of seven regional Studievalg guidance centers in Denmark.

Studievalg Aalborg

Guidance about further education in Denmark at IB Hasseris

Studievalg Danmark (Study and Career Guidance Denmark) is a nationwide guidance institution with seven regional education and career guidance centers. Studievalg Danmark provides guidance to young people and adults about the choice of higher and vocational education in Denmark and prospective career opportunities. The guidance offered is free of charge and independent of sectional interests. As an international applicant, you may experience different kinds of concerns or questions. At Studievalg Danmark, we are here to help you find your way through the system and help locate the information you may need. For international applicants, requirements may vary from programme to programme. The admission deadline is always March 15 for courses starting in August and September.

How to get in touch with Studievalg at IB Hasseris

Each IB school has its own counselor, and at IB Hasseris, it is Line Madsen Skorstengaard, who is the local Studievalg counselor. Line visits the school approximately every second month and gives group presentations to PreIB, IB1 and IB2 during the school year. She also offers individual guidance, where IB-students can book an appointment and talk about their own specific issues and questions concerning further education for example admission requirements, aim, content and structure of a specific programme, career possibilities, housing etc. It is also possible for students (former or present) to receive guidance by visiting Studievalg’s office in the city center of Aalborg. At Studievalg’s website:, you can find information about opening hours and book individual guidance either at the school or in the city center. You are also very welcome to call or write us at 33332000/