Meet some of our inspiring candidates and learn about their reflections on the IB programme and beyond.

“The IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous, challenging and rewarding education. Because you are required to work hard and develop good study habits to succeed, the programme was a great preparation for university for me. Most importantly, the multicultural environment and international focus of the programme piqued my interest in intercultural relations and communication with English as a focal point. This has been a central theme in my university studies and continues to be so in my current work in a global company. I have my IB experience to thank for creating the necessary foundation of open-mindedness, understanding and reflection for me to thrive in such environments.”

Julie, Hasseris IB Graduate 2014, Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Organizational Communication from Copenhagen Business School.

“Doing the IB Diploma Programme has vastly improved my language skills in English, German and Danish. Never having lived outside Denmark before, I was initially a bit scared to speak English all the time but I quickly got used to it. Both through my IB education and in my university studies in languages and opera, I have experienced that being a “citizen of the world” is not just about understanding other cultures and speaking a foreign language, but also about having the courage to step outside of your comfort zone, having organizational skills and a readiness to adapt.” After IB: Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Cambridge, UK.

Kristel, IB Hasseris Graduate 2014, MA in Advanced Opera Performance from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, MA in German and Russian from the University of St Andrews. Currently freelance opera singer and language tutor.

“With an IB Diploma you get a youth education with flexibility for your later choice of education. I was challenged positively by the diversity of my subjects and learned relevant academic skills which prepared my way to university. However, IB challenged me beyond academics and developed in me a sense of curiosity, empathy, and the ability to understand the world around me.” After IB: Master’s Degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School

Casper, Hasseris IB Graduate 2016, MSc in Political Science from University of Amsterdam, BA in International Studies from Leiden University.

“The IB Diploma Programme is a great all-round programme which is challenging but also highly rewarding. It was a real privilege to have classmates from all over the world, and throughout the programme I was encouraged to think critically and make a genuine effort to understand other people and their perspectives. Although it is a challenging programme – requiring you to work hard and develop efficient study skills – I felt well supported by the teachers who were deeply committed to helping us learn and grow both personally and academically.”

Mikkel, Hasseris IB Graduate 2014, Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

“For me one of the greatest benefits from attending the IB Diploma Programme was building up my educational and professional confidence within an international context and simultaneously being able to pursue creative interests. Particularly my choice to study Visual Arts has reverberated throughout my career and personal life. This subject gave me a direction when I chose to work in Arts after IB, and this direction later turned into my work with management in creative industries. To this day, I still paint, draw and do ceramics as part of my personal development, and the creativity that matured in IB has led me to achieve many personal and professional goals.”

Helena, Hasseris IB Graduate 2010, BSc in Business Administration and Service Management (Arts & Culture), MSc in Management of Creative Business Processes.

“IB has instilled a solid work ethic in me, and its inquiry-driven approach to learning has resulted in the many advancements I have made during university. During IB, the hands-on approach quickly allows you to sketch out and rationalize ideas, thereby enabling dynamic real-time hypothesisdriven research, and the IB exam skills are one-to-one transferable to the university experience. In Theory of Knowledge (ToK) I developed a critical mindset about the cognitive and implicit biases we possess. In Creativity-Activity-Service (CAS) the focus on developing a global conscience set my mind on sustainability.” After IB: Master’s Degree student in Public Administration from Aalborg University.

Niklas, Hasseris IB Graduate 2018, MSc in Nanobiotechnology, BSc. in Nanotechnology from Aalborg University.

“The inquiry-based and self-directed approach to learning in the IB Diploma Programme taught me to do my research and think critically. These academic skills along with the open-minded and diverse student community of Hasseris IB made it a truly unique and valuable experience for me. IB made me love to learn which ultimately made me choose teaching as my own career path. Inspired immensely by my own IB experience, my focus as a teacher is not only on academic results but also on personal and social development.” After IB: Bachelor’s Degree (BA Hons) in International Relations and Politics from University of East Anglia, currently doing a graduate internship at Sheffield Hallam University and Master’s Degree in International Relations from Sheffield University.