Meet some of our inspiring candidates and learn about their reflections on the IB programme and beyond.

The IB is a great all-round programme which is challenging but also highly rewarding. Throughout the programme, I was encouraged to think critically and make a genuine effort to understand other people and their perspectives, for example through volunteering in the CAS component or through the Theory of Knowledge subject – or through interacting with my classmates from all over the world. In addition, students are required to work hard and develop efficient  study habits in order to manage the workload. For these reasons, the IB diploma was the ideal preparation for my university studies. After IB: Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Oxford, UK.

Mikkel Lauritzen, IB Hasseris Graduate 2014

“I chose IB because I wanted to study abroad, and I knew that the IB Diploma would be the ideal springboard for that. Doing the IB was the perfect preparation for university – first year Math didn’t even come close to IB Math HL! Most of my professional experience thus far has been in Research and Development, but I could imagine a career within business as well.” After IB: Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Cambridge, UK.

Oliver Iyer, IB Hasseris Graduate 2013

“The IB has provided me with a tangible set of study tools and knowledge that prepared me well for university. Learning to write long-form pieces like the Extended Essay was great practice for university exams. I also learned how to efficiently study independently, which is necessary to succeed at university.” After IB: Master’s Degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School

Emil Sørensen, IB Hasseris Graduate 2013

“I chose the IB programme because I wanted to study in English, and I had not anticipated how enriching it would turn out. One of my main CAS projects was tutoring, and that is how I found out that this was something I could excel in, which pushed me to join Ulab. The IB programme has also given me a possibility to learn Mathematics and Physics extensively, giving me a head start at the university. Overall, my IB experience taught me self-discipline and love for the subjects that I am now studying.” After IB: Master’s in Physics from University of Copenhagen and member of the Niels Bohr Institute based group “UngdomsLab”, instructing groups of pupils who come to perform different experiments offered by the Institute.

Marta Mrozowska, IB Hasseris Graduate 2015

“I chose IB because I was drawn to the international environment and the variety in its approaches to teaching and learning. The three years in IB provided me with great opportunities for developing friendships with people of different nationalities and cultures from all over the world. Travelling and working with international students and researchers is now a major part of my work, and I benefit greatly from my IB experiences.” After IB: Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering and Informatics from Aalborg University, PhD from AAU, researching structural brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease.

Maciej Plocharski, IB Hasseris Graduate 2007

“IB gave me the opportunity to think both more openly and critically about different matters whether it concerns my personal life or what I learn from my courses at university. IB made me look at our world not just from another perspective, but from many different perspectives. IB helped me become a world-citizen before anything else.” After IB: Master’s Degree student in Public Administration from Aalborg University.

Zhiawa Yonis, IB Hasseris Graduate 2013

“I chose IB because I knew I wanted to study in the UK. When I first started university, I quickly realised that many of the things we were taught, I had already covered in the IB curriculum, and this made me feel confident. IB is a great way to excel academically, and the programme has given me a solid work ethic which has been awarded with an honours degree from university. IB is also the perfect platform to meet people from different cultures and  backgrounds whom you would normally not come across.” After IB: Bachelor’s Degree (BA Hons) in International Relations and Politics from University of East Anglia, currently doing a graduate internship at Sheffield Hallam University and Master’s Degree in International Relations from Sheffield University.

Jessica Dam – IB Hasseris Graduate 2013

“The IB programme has given me many useful resources and skills for my university studies – for instance learning how to tackle hand-written exams without aids and providing me with extensive background knowledge in my subjects.” After IB: Master’s Degree student in Medicine with Industrial Specialisation at Aalborg University.

Lisa Fredberg Heritage – IB Hasseris Graduate 2015

“My main reward from IB has been in terms of academics, developing my skills for studying and writing. These skills have been invaluable to me at university and continue to benefit me to this day. On a personal level, IB taught me to work hard, never give up and always to be tolerant and understanding to others. I feel proud and would not want to be without my background as an IB graduate.” After IB: Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology at University of Oslo.

Signe Mikkelsen – IB Hasseris Graduate 2010

“I initially chose IB because I wanted to study abroad, but in the end, building camaraderie across cultures was the most important thing IB taught me. I use this skill every day with my colleagues of 30 different nationalities.” After IB: Master’s Degree in Engineering from Aalborg University, co-founder of a consulting company, currently living in Germany, designing the processes that bring particles accelerators for cancer treatment from idea to reality.

Kirsten Bertelsen – IB Hasseris Graduate 2007

“Doing the IB programme has vastly improved my language skills in English, German and Danish. Never having lived outside Denmark before, I was initially a bit scared to speak English all the time, furthermore, the study skills you acquire through IB, especially how to work independently, how to handle many deadlines and work under pressure, have been of great benefit to me as I have begun to study at university level.” After IB: Master’s Degree in German, Russian and performance music from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Kristel Vinter Knudsen – IB Hasseris Graduate 2014

“Being an IB student has provided me with a curiosity for cultures and languages besides my own, which is what ultimately led me to my current studies, but has also taken me all around the world.” After IB: Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies from University of Copenhagen. Currently, Master’s Degree student of Cross Cultural Studies at University of Copenhagen and working as a project manager for a tourist agency.

Barbara Jeszenszky – IB Hasseris Graduate 2010

“The IB programme offers many unique experiences and skills which prepare you for university, but personally, with my Danish-Palestinian background, I was also attracted by the multi-cultural environment and international perspective it provides”. After IB: Master’s Degree in Pharmacy from De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, currently working as a pre-registration hospital pharmacist at University Hospital of North Durham, UK.

Tamer El-Daya – IB Hasseris Graduate 2012

“The IB programme at Hasseris Gymnasium has trained me in taking initiative in my education and work. IB students are expected to be self-reliant and hardworking, but also confident in making big decisions in terms of taking ownership over their own career paths. All the extra-curricular activities encouraged by the school’s CAS programme have encouraged me to stay active in my spare time, which has had a tremendous impact on my self-development, both professionally and personally.” After IB: Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Technology from Aalborg University. Currently working with international marketing as well as being owner of Mørk Sol Studio, a creative photo and video production fi rm, with a special focus on local music and culture.