The Library at Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School is a library for both the students at the Danish as well as the International Department.

Our School Library

The library is located in the orange corridor in room O13, and its opening hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 8.30 to 14.30

Friday: 8.30 to 13.30

During these opening hours the librarian can most often be found in the library, but the library is open for self-study all day from approx. 8.00 to 16.

Note that no food is allowed in the library!

The library room contains materials, computers and work tables for the students to use. The collection consists of books, newspapers, magazines, TV programmes and online databases, mainly in Danish and English but it also has materials in other languages used for instance by IB students for “Literature A Self-taught”.

When the new PreIB class begins after the summer break, the class comes to the library and gets a general introduction to the library and to the assistance the librarian can offer. This is repeated in IB1 mostly in the support of new students to IB.

On a daily basis the librarian helps the students getting relevant materials for their everyday teaching and for their assignments. The librarian also comes to the class and makes targeted courses in searching for literature and information for specific fields of study.

Extended Course for All IB Students

In connection with the EE Process and the Historical Investigation the librarian makes an extended course on searching for literature and information related to research based assignment. Here students learn to:

  • Search online in library databases
  • Search in databases with full text content to use for their EE or Historical Investigation
  • See the differences in the public library and university library and understand what kind of assistance they can get both places
  • Use Britannica Online for both their EE and everyday homework
  • Find credible materials on the Internet. The library seeks to have relevant materials for the students’ assignments. Hence, relevant books and magazines are bought when the librarian learns about the students’ needs for them.

School Librarian

Lisbeth Jul Norre