Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct at Hasseris Gymnasium apply to all stx and IB students and is confirmed by the school’s Board of Governers.

Hasseris Gymnasium aims at being an active and committed school founded on solidarity and tolerance where everyone feels safe and secure. The daily work forms the basis of each student’s academic and personal development.




1. It is the responsibility of all students to contribute to a good and constructive atmosphere at school. No kinds of harassment and victimization are tolerated.

2. All students are obliged to clean up after themselves to ensure a pleasant and tidy environment for students and staff. Damage to school property must  be reported to the general administration’s office immediately. Students are liable for any damage and vandalism to school property. All directions given by school staff must be respected.

3. All laptops and other electronic equipment must be switched off by the beginning of each lesson and can only be opened and used with the teacher’s permission.

4. Bicycles and mopeds must be parked in either the basement or in the bicycle racks outside.

5. No one is allowed to drink alcohol or to use drugs during school hours.

6. Hasseris Gymnasium is a non-smoking area.

7. It is each student’s obligation to hand in written works and other assignments on time. Attendance is mandatory to all classes and other activities sanctioned by the school.

All hand-ins must be the student’s own work. If a student hands in a product that is not his/her own (for instance an assignment downloaded from the internet), the student risks being expelled from school temporarily.

8. It is the school’s decision if a student can be promoted to next year’s class. The decision is based on the student’s work and grades. At the end of each school year, the teaching staff and the IB coordinator team meet in order to evaluate the student’s examination results and end-of-year results.

IB students must also confer with the policies relating specifically to the rules, values and regulations of the IB Department.

The Rules of Conduct are drawn up according to the General Rules for the Danish Gymnasium made by the Ministry of Children and Education (Order 1249, December 13, 2004).