PreIB is a one-year preparatory course for Danish and foreign students who have not completed 11 years of school. The teaching language is English as are the teaching materials.

The PreIB curriculum consists of compulsory academic subject areas with a balanced combination of humanities, sciences and the arts. The PreIB year is divided into two. The first part is a foundation course corresponding roughly to the first part, “grundforløbet”, of the first year of the Danish upper secondary school, that is, 1.g of STX. The second term aims more directly at preparing you for the IB Diploma Programme, yet still complying with the requirements set by the Danish Ministry of Children and Education for the first year of the Danish stx. This alignment ensures that you can transfer into an STX class instead of going to the IB Diploma Programme after the first term of PreIB and again after completing PreIB. Likewise, stx students can transfer into the IB system.

All PreIB students follow courses in:

  • Danish
  • English
  • History
  • Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Education

During autumn Math classes may be divided into new groups based on the students’ academic levels.

For PreIB you must also choose one course in an additional foreign language:

  • German as a foreign language with a minimum of 2-3 years of prior learning (“fortsættersprog”)
  • French as a foreign language with a minimum of 2-3 years of prior learning (“fortsættersprog”)

If you have not studied German or French before, alternatives will be discussed with the IB coordinator.

Apart from Chemistry one more science courses must be chosen:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Both Physics and Biology

In most cases this choice will determine the choice of science subject(s) in the IB Diploma Programme the following year. Note that if you considering a university course in engineering or the natual sciences, entry requirements are most often Physics and Chemistry, so in that case it is advisable to choose Physics. Should you, however, wish to proceed with courses within the Humanities or the Social Sciences, there is no requirements for specific science subjects.

Finally, you must choose one arts subject:

  • Visual Arts
  • Music

During the autumn term you will also have basic courses in:

  • General Linguistics
  • General Science

Moreover, in spring you will write a PreIB Historical Investigation to introduce you to the academic methods of writing assignments in the IB.