Language Policy

1. Purpose and general principles

Language policy

Purpose and general principles

As an IB World School the purpose and general principles of our language policy is the same as the officially formulated statement by the International Baccalaureate Organisation:

“The International Baccalaureate is committed to supporting multilingualism as fundamental to increasing intercultural understanding and international-mindedness, and is equally committed to extending access to an IB education for students from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. With these aims in mind, the IB has, instituted its language policy to provide a framework that will ensure that the IB’s values and aims in relation to multilingualism and access are reflected in the organization’s activities.” (February, 2014)



English is used for communication with the IBO. It is the general teaching language and used for all social interaction.



It is the school’s general language policy to encourage all students who plan a future in Denmark to choose Danish as either a group 1 or a group 2 subject. For international students Danish A: Literature or Danish B HL is recommended, not only because Danish at Danish A-level is a university requirement for most university courses in Denmark, but also because the courses provide students with cultural insight into their host country.

All Danish nationals are strongly encouraged to take Danish A: Literature as it is the school’s belief that even if a student pursues an international career, it is essential to know one’s own roots, linguistically and culturally. Inherent in this belief is also the practice of for instance the IB coordinator to have conferences with Danish students about personal issues in Danish to keep them continually exploring and practicing their mother tongue.

In PreIB students who do not speak Danish upon entering the programme are offered a course in Danish ab initio (beginner’s language).


German, French and Spanish

From the start of PreIB the curriculum aims at strengthening the students’ language skills, so students must choose either German or French as a continuous language (if possible). This provides them with the best opportunities for choosing a Group 2 subject in the IB Diploma Programme. To enter the Humanities at Danish universities this is necessary on at least SL, as students must have a second foreign language at what the Danish universities will recognize as a B-level. In the IB Programme also Spanish and Danish as continuous languages are offered, however, as for all courses offered, the school needs a certain number of students to actually constitute a class in a given language.


General Linguistics

A course in general linguistics is compulsory for all PreIB students. This course offers the students insight into the general features of grammar. Aspects of socio lingustics, language history and language philosophy are also integrated. In this way ToK themes are already introduced in PreIB.


IT Support

All IT documents are available in both Danish and English.


Language Strategy

The IB Department works with developing specific language strategies in order to meet the challenges students face in acquiring the language skills they need to fulfill the demands of the IB programme.


  • Reading strategies
  • Subject specific language scaffolding (vocabulary/register/style)
  • Cross curricular language awareness
  • Focused work in written disciplines (academic writing/academic honesty)
  • Focused work in oral disciplines (presentational skills)

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