Reading Counselling

As an integrated component of the support offered to students with special educational needs, Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School has two trained reading counsellors working not only with students with special educational needs, but offering support for all students at the school. The support is divided into to parts:

Part One

All new IB students attending Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School are screened for dyslexia or other reading and writing difficulties when they begin their studies. The screening also tests the students’ general vocabulary, their grammar and their ability to understand different types of texts.
The various elements in the screening test:

  • reading speed (Danish as well as English)
  • text comprehension (Danish as well as English)
  • spelling skills (Danish as well as English)
  • grammar skills (Danish as well as English)
  • ability to decode nonsense words (Danish)
  • perception of words (Danish)

Following the screening the reading counsellor has talks with students whose screening results show signs of reading or writing difficulties. These students are offered further counselling and/or tests to establish any dyslexic patterns. In case of dyslexia the school can apply for electronic aids from Kvalitetsstyrelsen (a Danish government agency under the Ministry of Education).

Part Two

At the beginning of the school year the students attending PreIB at Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School are all taught basic strategies to support their daily reading in different subject. The reading counsellors are available to help students who experience specific difficulties with reading or writing, but they can also give advice on reading strategies, note taking and structuring essays.