Mentor Talks

Every student in IB1 and IB2 at Hasseris Gymnasium & IB World School has a mentor. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary ”mentor” means: ”An experienced person who advises and helps someone with less experience over a period of time.” At our school the mentors are IB teachers who know the IB system and with whom the student may have classes.


  • Mentor talks are organised, structured and well-prepared talks between a student and a mentor.
  • They take place twice a year during IB1 and IB2 in autumn and in early spring.
  • Each talk has a duration of max. 30 minutes.
  • As preparation for the talks students are sometimes required to fill in a questionnaire


  • The learning environment in class between teacher, student and fellow student
  • The student in the creation of this environment
  • Homework preparations
  • The planning of and writing assignments


  • Evaluations of the student’s level of attainment in specific subjects
  • Aimed at the subject which the mentor teacher teaches – the talk is about learning in general
  • A set of ready-made answers for all types of study related questions and problems and a guideline for ways of becoming a top student
  • Student counselling where personal problems are discussed
  • A forum for unconstructive backbiting of other students or teachers
  • ”A tell-tale” to the IB coordinators and other teachers. What is said in the mentor talks is 100 per cent confidential and can only be passed on to other teachers with clear permission from the student


  • The school divides the students among the mentor teachers
  • Attendance for the mentor talks is mandatory. If a student falls ill or for other reasons cannot come to a mentor talk appointment, the IB coordinator or the mentor teacher is to be contacted.
  • The mentors schedule the talks which will be distributed to the students via Lectio.